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    Welcome to the United Nations Gaming Clan!


    World of tanks

    Join a great community of tankers! If you like to have fun and enjoy the game,
    this is where you want to be! Tier 6 arty or at least a tier 8 tank required.


    War Thunder

    Air Battles and ground battles, Arcade, real and Sim, we have pilots and tankers for all, stop in and squad with us, Teamwork and fun required!





    See if you have to survive! bandits and survivors welcome!





    Americas Army

    Americas army puts you in the boots on the ground of an American soldier. Squad up and tank the intuitive to be the winner!


About Us




The United Nations Gaming Clan has been around for over 15 years, Our roots are found in Command and conquer Renegade and we have grown exponentially from there. 


=[UN]= Mission statement, We will provide a positive and fun environment for all, If you are overly obsessed with a K/D record or Stats, this is not the place for you, We are competitive when needed but we concentrate more on a fun and friendly environment to unwind, relax, and enjoy your game. 


What it is the we would require from you?

No Drama, No racism, good sense of humor and a thick skin.


What do we offer: 

       Active Leaders and officers and almost all timezones.

       Aces/trainers that will help you improve your flying and tanking upon request and group training  sessions.

       An active community in several games we all play together.

       Command structure and Leadership that helps the clan grow and have fun


If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, or you have interest in stopping buy, please swing by our Teamspeak and say hello!














Our Games


War Thunder Notes:

With the latest patch [1.45] we have been busy grinding out our US tanks, Great for wolf packing, these lighter armored vehicles have been a lot of fun with there speed and guns, The planes have been getting neglected lately.


World of Tanks Notes:

The clan as a whole is currently not active in clan wars though we are very active in stronghold mode and platooning, if you're a new player or a returning player looking for a place to play learn something and in exchange teach us a thing or too, look no further we offer tips and tricks on outfitting your tank and load outs advice as well as tutorials on how to effectively use armor and terrain and how to be an integral part of a team.


Other Game Notes:

Americas Army, Star Citizen, Elder Scrolls and other games have been making their way into the clan, Teamspeak has many channels for these different games. We will try to keep an updated list of games we are involved in, currently we play Minecraft, ESO, Heros and Generals, Borderlands, Diablo, Battlefield 3 & 4, War Frame, Day-z, Renegade and Renegade X